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  Active board, if they like you, if not say nowt.....  
Can't comment, on the banned list. P is for Proxy Server...
a bit like X-north for all the UK, board?.
Needs you to pay, but some sections free
The Little Black Book, guide to The Manchester Board
Sold out?
Parlor guide for West Yorks, nice hobby smile
East Anglia local info and board
looks pretty, ... but
Recognise anyone you know, wants your real money too
redifines North and Guide
Girls fra Geordie land
limited scorts
Sex toys and porn
guide for the planet earth's sexual activaties
another cluby club.
bonkers, from the people who brought you UKP
dies slowly
lots of workers missing.
Not bad, phone numbers listed.
lists so many girls who have retired.
out of date and limited listings
as bad as the above
Wants your credit card.
No so much a board, a rest home for the ....fun
Swing sites  
Fabbio, one of the genuine free sites.  
all in the name, ok but limited.
Excellent site, does exactly what it says
Nice, but too good to b true? Would like to hear from any members
ok ish,
Out of pocket on CC too,
meeting all those other nice married randy people, at a price
Same dbase as the one below but with more toys. Likes your CC
A more streamline version of the one above.
I bet if you join you get a message, Am I being cynical here.
Meet all those nice euro folks
Swinging needs & you can take the wife smile
Sunderland Fun house.
Better than the pleasure beech smile
Heath and Safety

Support guide for escorts
offering non-judgmental advice and support
Very usefull sex worker information site.
Power to the sisters
were taking Sexual Transmitted things....
Addicts Anonymous, only click if your addicted to .. er
For your Sexual Health, all welcome.
gay/bisexual men's health project, offering 1 hour HIV tests
Protect and report trafficked girls
Sex Worker Rights are Human Rights
Interesting, but you have to join to view.
All things covered, or uncoverd 01772 203385
Tantra Massage - just dont mention the sex word.
Essential reading for those of you with a passport
Find your local sex shop
Phone sex, as its good to w ..... er talk ...
pick up site, kind of.
Sexual Services for Disabled People
a 4 hand bi massage .07928667001
4 hands for a gay time with a femail touch
auditions for adults, or a very old teen.
models for hire, more fun than tool hire smile
and not a Dinky in sight.
  • Fetish Contacts Lots of painful decisions
  • Fetish Links. Looks very butch. From the folk who brought you Punterlink
  • Seriousmistresses. Never a funny one is there....
  • Informed Consent, Everything you wanted to know about bondage, and more.
  • Shemales , TV , Gay
  • 01412140044 Cataleen, Glasgow
  • 07903333816 Anja Shemale couger
  • 07946024193 Chloe Yorkshire
  • Number 52sauna , Newcastle
  • Gaydar.co.uk, Its all in the name
  • Squirt.org , its gay ok,
  • Cottaging, and not a bungalow insight.
  • Birch Place, Not tree huggers
  • Tv Chix. Look there not girls and there not on TV !!!!
  • Eros Transexual.s Trans girhttps://trans.eros.com/lys
  • Fetish Sites
  • StudioB , Boobs, from hobby to obsession
  • Muscle Goddesses, Girls with big... err everything.